Friday, September 15, 2006


After studying the source code in iCommand we have now made the structure for our NXTRemoteControl library. It's very similar to iCommand with the biggest difference being, that it is writtin in C#. The plan is to reuse most of the code from iCommand but make a little more flexibility for the user and of course fix the bugs :)

We are hoping the library will be done next week, so we can start programming some NXT's..


Anonymous said...

Det ser godt ud! Min søn (let genkendelig på ryggen - og kasketten!) i gang med..... Jeg kan ikke se, hvad du skriver, Lars, men det ville nok ikke hjælpe mig at zoome ind... Men det ser ud som om jeres projekt kører godt. Fortsat god arbejdslyst alle tre.

Anonymous said...

Tak for en interessant blog