Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So, what have wee been up to lately.

Most of our time has been put into developing a .NET library, that we have called NXTRemoteControl. This library uses the Direct Commands published by LEGO. This allows us to remotely control every component of the NXT. That is, all sensors, motors and the Bluetooth communication device can be controlled from a computer connected to the NXT via Bluetooth. This is much similar to what iCommand does.

It has been quite a challenge to deciffer the Direct Commands and figure out exactly what the different parameters actually does. Our effort has been rewarded. We now have a lib supporting both the sonar and synchronized motors among all the other stuff.

I.e, so far our lib support motors and sensors.

We have been programming in C#.

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would i be able to get more details on the Multi-Agent implementation using mrs?
contact be