Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Public Relations (PR)

More and more people are becoming interested in our project. Different people from down the hall have asked what we have achieved and what the robots can do so far. Because most of the time has been used to produce the library NXTRemoteControl, it is limited what the actual robot can do.
Today a photographer came by and took some pictures to a magazine advertising for DTU and IMM. The magazine will come out in the beginning of January.
We have been hired by Lego to give a demonstration in Bilka (shopping mall) of what the NXT Robots can do. Parents with their children can get a short introduction to how the Lego NXT works and how easy it is to build and control. This will have nothing to do with our project because the demonstrations should natural be in NXT-G.

Our supervisors created at poster for a seminar called "IT overalt" (IT everywhere) describing the Multi Agent problem and how we tackle the different challenges. This was the picture they used:


Lars said...

fedt billede..

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